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Established in 1998, RHEIN’S ABRASIVE has developed into a large-scale private-owned corporation with capital amount of more than RMB 30million and annual output of over 3billion tons during the years. Our corporation is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang of China, which takes around 2 hours high-speed train from Shanghai.
We are a professional manufacturer of abrasive tools, which integrates research, development, design and manufacture. The advanced computerized production equipment, inspection device and the accreditation of European Standard EN12413 and ISO9001 Quality Management System and CE certificate have won great reputation for the corporation both at home and abroad.
As a professional manufacturer of abrasive disc type tools, we have the following advantages:
a) high output (3 billion output per year)
b) prompt delivery (able to deliver an order of 100,000pcs within 7days)
c) excellent quality (equipped with computerized production equipment)
d) competitive price (close to the price of raw material)
aluminum cutting disc
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